We also offer extensive services capabilities whereby we can utilize the SynVivo technology on your behalf to help you obtain your goals. All of our service work can later be transferred to your lab if you are interested in bringing these capbilities in-house in the future.

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Drug Delivery

You’ve found a drug that works well in static well plate tests. We can assess that drug’s performance under more physiological realistic conditions using the SynVivo technology.

Drug Discovery

Many of the most promisng drugs discovered today rely not just on bio-chemical interactions but specific cell-cell interactions that can only be simulated with realistic morphology and physiology.


Using our co-culture technologies we are able to screen your most promising drug candidates for toxicity affects before you have to resort to costly and time consuming in vivo trials.

SynVivo Expert Support

Using our extensive experiance with the SynVivo platform, we can design, test, and validate new protocols and assays to bring your lab up to speed as quickly as possible. This work can also be done at your facilities.