SynVivo® is a physiological, cell-based microchip platform that provides a morphologically and biologically realistic microenvironment allowing real-time study of cellular behavior, drug delivery and drug discovery. SynVivo 3D tissue models recreate complex in vivo microvasculature including scale, morphology, hemodynamics and cellular interactions in an in vitro environment with real-time visualization. SynVivo’s Microfluidic Chip designs based on actual microvascular network or an idealized vasculature allows the replication of unique features of any desired organ or tissue and provides versatility for specific end points.

The SynVivo Platform has been validated across multiple applications

SynVivo’s validated 3D tissue models include SynBBB (Blood Brain Barrier), SynTumor (Cancer), SynRAM (Inflammation) and SynTox (Toxicology). Models are available as assay kits, starter kits or chips and can be used in assay development and screening services.

Assay Development and Screening using SynVivo’s 3D tissue models

Screening Services include target validation, compound screening, biomarker analysis, ADME/Tox and mechanism of action studies. Assay Development services can be performed to develop new models, end-points or custom chip designs.

The SynVivo platform has been successfully validated for accurate prediction of in vivo responses. Use this unique in vitro platform for realistic assessment of drug delivery, analysis of cell-cell, cell-drug and their underlying mechanisms. Recreate cellular and tissue architecture in an organ-on-a-chip format compatible with standard analytical instrumentation. With simultaneous visualization and real-time monitoring of cellular and tissue architecture of desired organs, the SynVivo platform enables identification of toxicity responses to reduce expensive and time consuming preclinical or clinical trials.

SynBBB: Real-time monitoring of cell-cell interactions between vascular and brain cells

  • Tight junction proteins
  • Transporter proteins
  • Drug permeability
  • Neurotoxicity and Inflammation

SynTumor: Real-time monitoring of cancer, stromal, immune and vascular cell interactions

  • Cell proliferation, morphology, viability
  • Cell invasion, intravasation, extravasation
  • Drug delivery, uptake and efficacy
  • On-chip or off -chip analysis

SynRAM: Real-time, quantitative immune-endothelial interactions

  • Cell rolling, adhesion and migration
  • Screening for cell surface biomarkers
  • Target identification
  • Screening for activators/inhibitors of inflammation

SynTox: Real-time monitoring of organ and species specific drug toxicity

  • Dose response
  • Cell viability
  • Apoptosis
  • Vascular leakage
  • Mechanism of action studies

If our validated 3D tissue models are not ideal for your research needs, we provide custom assay development specifically tailored to meet your goals. Our team of engineers and scientists will work closely with your team for adaptation of the SynVivo platform to develop the right solution for your application. Our assays provide a unique perspective of the realism of an in vivo microenvironment in an in vitro environment for modeling drug delivery, drug discovery and ADME/Toxicity.


Don’t see your tissue model of interest? Contact us to learn more about Custom Assay Development

Our expert scientific team will work collaboratively with you to develop new models or screening assays. Deliverables include data or the validated model with relevant products, training and support for use in your research facility.