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A Microfluidic Platform for Cell-based Assays

For Oncology, Neuroscience, Inflammation, and Toxicology Applications

Free Webinar on Thursday April 30th 1:00pm PDT / 4:00pm EDT

Widely used static well plate assays and commercially available in vitro fluidic devices suffer from several limitations for studying the physiological conditions in vivo. These include,

  1. lack of critical morphological features (e.g., bifurcations, tortuosity),
  2. inability to distinguish between healthy vs. diseased vasculature,
  3. large consumable volumes and
  4. inability to support co-cultures.

To overcome these limitations, we have developed a patented microfluidic cell based platform: SynVivo® which comprises of idealized and in vivo derived microvascular networks patterned onto a plastic, disposable substrate to mimic the morphological and physiological conditions observed in vivo. Cells (e.g., endothelial, tumor, tissue) can be readily grown in the device in mono culture or co-culture conditions, thereby enabling cell-drug interaction studies in the most in vivo like environment.

In this presentation, SynVivo CTO Dr. Prabhakar Pandian will present applications of the SynVivo platform for physiological responses focusing on cell-particle interactions, inflammation, drug efficacy, and toxicity.

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Society of Toxicology 54th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2015

We will be exhibiting March 22-26, 2015 in San Diego, CA.


Stop by booth #945 to learn more about SynVivo!

The SOT Annual Meeting is the largest meeting of its kind. This annual event features a broad range of scientific sessions and a thematic program that provides partici-pants with a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in topical areas and interact with leaders in their respective disciplines. The scientific program includes a plenary session, the MRC Lecture, symposia, work-shops, roundtable discussions, informational sessions, regional sessions, as well as platform and poster sessions. The Society anticipates that more than 6,500 toxicologists from more than 50 countries will attend. The SOT Annual Meeting also features the ToxExpo, which is the largest exhibition dedicated to toxicology and the biomedical sciences. The exhibition features 350 exhibitors, exhibitor-hosted sessions, and the opportunity to debut cutting-edge products, services, and technologies.

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