Kapil PantPresident & Chief Executive Officer
Kapil has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning and corporate development in the biomedical and life sciences arena. He has led a multi-disciplinary team focused on innovative designs, prototypes and models for micro- and nano- systems. Since joining CFDRC, Synvivo’s parent company in 2000, he has led multiple efforts in biodefense and biodiagnostics including biological sample preparation, biosensing and detection, particulate collection and concentration, drug delivery devices and processes, and development of advanced computational models for particle and biological transport. He has 75+ journal and conference papers. He is an inventor on 15+ patents and one of the principals on the SynVivo® family of products. He holds a BS in ChemE from Indian Institute of Technology, an MS in ChemE and a PhD in ME from Washington State University.
B. Prabhakar PandianChief Technology Officer
Prabhakar is the principal developer of SynVivo’s platform technology for cell based assays. In collaboration with leading researchers, he established and validated the assays for a diverse range of applications ranging from oncology and neurology to inflammation. He has over 20 years of experience in the life science arena with significant experience in concept development for commercial products in the field of biological systems, biomedical devices and systems biology. Previously, he led the development of a functional radiation assay which resulted in a novel therapy for cancer patients. He was also instrumental in the development of a hemodialysis catheter and a spacer for pulmonary drug therapy. Some of the other technologies developed under his guidance include an automated nucleic acid extraction system, a cell sorting device and omic data based approaches for phenotype prediction.

Prabhakar has an extensive record of publications and is an inventor on numerous patents. Prabhakar has a PhD in Engineering from Temple University with an emphasis of Biological systems, as well as M.S. in both Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. He has received a number of honors for his work and his work has been recognized by several national and international awards.

Gwen FewellChief Commercial Officer
With over 15 years experience in startup biotechnology and life science research market Gwen is a domain expert in both the technologies and market dynamics. Gwen co-founded transOMIC technologies, a research tools company specializing in gene manipulation technologies where she led corporate strategy and commercial operations and serves on the Board of Directors. Gwen has a wealth of experience driving commercial strategy at both startup and large companies. Previously she led global product marketing of the RNAi and Gene Expression portfolio at Thermo Scientific Genomics and was Director of Product Marketing at Open Biosystems where she led product management and marketing teams with responsibility for commercializing new gene modulation products including the first vector-based RNAi whole genome product on the market. Gwen was awarded the 2014 State of Alabama Innovation Award for Outstanding Woman in Innovation. Gwen earned an M.S in Neurophysiology from University of Mumbai and a PhD in Neuroscience at Florida State University. She performed postdoctoral studies at Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati exploring the genetic role of homeobox genes in brain development and later studied the genetics of pediatric medulloblastoma in the Department of NeuroOncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.