Based upon our experience working with SynVivo we have produced some "best practices" protocols for various assays and procedures. You can find those below.

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JoVE Video: Generation of Shear Adhesion Map Using SynVivo Synthetic Microvascular Networks

Step-by-step video of a protocol using the Microvascular Network construct to generate a shear adhesion map in a single experiment.

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Cell Migration Assay

Learn how to perform a cell migration assay with the SynVivo idealized microvascular co-culture chip (IMN2).

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Getting Started with SynVivo-BBB

Learn how to culture endothelial cells within the SynVivo-BBB Co-Culture Idealized construct. A later protocol will address culturing the neuronal cells in the basolateral chamber.

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Priming SynVivo with Pneumatic Primer

Learn how to prime SynVivo chips using the Pneumatic Primer Device.

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