Application Examples


Blood Brain Barrier Assays

SynVivo-BBB system recreates the in vivo micro-environment by emulating a histological slice of brain tissue cells in communication with endothelial cells across the BBB.


Migration Assays

Imagine an assay which is repeatable, simple to use, provides real-time live cell imaging and gives data which matches in vivo observations. SynVivo has overcome the limitations of Transwell® assays to provide an entirely new system for studying migration in a realistic and dynamic environment.


Nanopolymer Delivery for Gene Therapy

A nanopolymer used for drug delivery was complexed with GFP DNA and perfused on tumor cell (HeLa) cultured networks. GFP transfection, efficiencies and distribution was quantified at 24 hours post injection.


Screening for Drug Particles

Different shapes of particles were obtained and coated with anti-BSA antibody. SynVivo walls were coated with BSA. Particles were injected into SynVivo and the adhesion quantified.


Targeted Drug Delivery

A confluent layer of endothelial cells were activated with cytokines. Anti-ICAM-1 coated particles were used for targeting (red dots) and IgG particles served as controls (green dots). Data was obtained at 4 and 24 hours post treatment.


Drug Perfusion

SynVivo were injected with trypan blue and the perfusion of the dye was observed in real-time.