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Our Science

  • SynVivo’s proprietary chips recreate the microvascular environment.
  • Novel co-culture techniques enable vascular cell interaction with tissue cells.
  • Cells grown in SynVivo retain molecular, cellular, and drug responses observed in vivo.
  • Leading researchers have validated SynVivo technology for therapeutic screening.

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  • The SynVivo Cancer Chip uses the patient’s own tumor cells to create a personalized screening device.
  • SynVivo’s microvascular network simulates the blood flow inside the tumor.
  • SynVivo Cancer Chip is Compatible with Standard Assays.
  • SynVivo adds an important new predictive tool for assessing metastatic potential and optimizing cancer therapies.

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Our Products

SynVivo biochips are readily available as standard stock items. We are also capable of producing any custom designed chip and morphology as needed. We offer a full line of supplies and accessories to support your research.

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